Florida’s Tax Credit Scholarship Program has been providing school choice and hope to the state’s most disadvantaged schoolchildren for 13 years.

Students just like Denisha, a former Jacksonville scholarship student and new college graduate.

Meet more of our successful students

mario-tobar_forwebMario Tobar – Bishop Moore High School, Orlando

Mario Tobar was in his freshman year of high school when his mother, Kenia Palacios, confronted him about his choices and path in life.  Mario had started hanging out with the wrong crowd, Kenia said. And he wasn’t making good grades at his neighborhood school, and he refused to do his classwork.

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jordan-6webJordan Garcia – Highpoint Academy, Miami

Cristina Valdes noticed her fourth-grade son’s interest in learning start to fade and his behavior slip during the 2011-12 school year at their local elementary school and immediately took it as a red flag. Instead of concentrating on his teacher’s lessons, Jordan Garcia asked to take unnecessary bathroom breaks, roamed the halls and fooled around seeking attention, his mother said.

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kevinrodriguezKevin Rodriguez – Landmark Christian School, Haines City

At 13, Kevin Rodriguez is an old soul. He does not talk much, but listens intently. He loves science, math and history, and hopes to be an architect one day. His interest in science, including figuring out how things work and how things change in different environments, sets an interesting parallel against Kevin’s educational experience.

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giannaGianna Viale – Good Shepherd Catholic School, Orlando

When Gianna Viale started first grade at the Good Shepherd Catholic School in Orlando, she had no idea there were forces working behind the scenes to ensure she would have the best educational opportunities available to her. But the one person who loves her the most was shaping her life: her mom.

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sophiaforwebSophia Brown – Morningside Academy, Port St. Lucie

Due to complications with her birth in 2006, Sophia Brown was in need of intensive medical care after entering the world. She almost died, said her mother Stephanie Vitale Brown, and was in the hospital for three weeks, requiring breathing assistance while there.

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